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Our Vision

We’re a data focused digital agency driven to make a difference to your business. With a love of all things digital, and all things data, we crunch the numbers so that your business is fully optimised to connect with its audience.


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As a full service digital agency with a driven desire to analyse and research, we have developed services to help you gain a competitive advantage. We’re here to exploit the gaps in the digital space, to outperform your competitors, and to build your business’ overall market share.

Project Management

Our team will be with you every step of the way. We will work closely to ensure that what we do is tailored by what your business has set out to achieve.

Interactive Design

We’re all about designing an experience that not only looks slick to the naked eye, but resonates and engages your target audience.


Online branding is as important as ever, so it’s something we regard very highly. We’ll develop a look and feel to your business that your competitors can’t help but be envious of.


We’re here to set up your business for the long term. We’ll work with you to set clear goals and objectives, while developing a clear digital pathway.


It’s the foundation of why we do what we do. We’ll never stop looking for data driven improvements to your digital solution. We set out to innovate, constantly.

In House

With our team fully based within our Melbourne office, we work harmoniously to deliver scarily impressive digital experiences.

The Crew

We are a specialised team made up of innovation, creative prowess, analytical intrigue and industry-leading professionals. We all share a common goal of constant innovation provoked by data-driven decisions. We don’t believe, but know, that a small change can make a big difference.

We’re Pixal Digital.

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Level 2, 283 Normanby Road, Port Melbourne